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Why Learn a Foreign Language - Reasons and Advantages

Foreign languages are taught in schools and colleges in the UK and students take exams at GCSE and A-Level. Language learning is considered necessary due to increased trade and tourism. It is a fact that there are not enough employees who are at least bilingual, which is crucial to promote some businesses. It is also important if young students are going to study overseas where all the subjects are not taught in English. Slang is also another thing which is very expressive but is not always easy to understand.

People all over the world love cuisine, fashion, beauty products, songs and films from various countries. The knowledge of a local language gives them an opportunity to understand the advertisements and recipes in the original. Some of them choose to study mainly French, German, Spanish, Italian and Chinese. Their choice is determined by what they need.

For example, French is one of the working languages used in the United Nations. It is also spoken in many countries all over the world. Some people find it easy to learn it if they speak English. The fact is that many words used in English are French, only pronounced differently. That makes it easier to remember them or understand their meaning in a context. From time immemorial, it is well known that France is famous for its fashion, design, cuisine, art, film-makers as well as writers.

It is a well-known fact that French, Spanish and Italian originated from Latin. That is why knowing one of them can help you to learn the others. Knowing Chinese is a great opportunity to study the works of ancient philosophers and mythology. You will also learn about martial arts, festivals and ceramics. It is fascinating to study hieroglyphs which are special characters used in writing.

Books that could help to learn a foreign language

Flying by plane

Relocating to Another Country and Cultural Aspects

Some people in the UK have a second property in another country and frequently go there during their holidays. Others are planning to move overseas when they get retired because of the climate. Some like the cuisine and the culture over there. But, they find it difficult to communicate with the locals. Very often they buy properties in the villages where the local residents do not speak English. Moving to another country requires understanding how various systems work. They need to be able to use banking, healthcare, transport, etc.

To avoid having any linguistic problems, they need to start acquiring new skills. That gives them a good opportunity to communicate efficiently with the locals. Some young people go to universities in other countries. They must take into consideration the fact that all the lectures and practical assessments are carried out in the local language.

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Employment in the UK and Worldwide

There are many jobs in the UK which need the knowledge of at least one foreign language. Those candidates, who can communicate fluently in at least one of them, have a better chance to get a job. Many businesses in the UK have many work contracts with overseas companies. There is a big job market for those who would like to work abroad. But, it is not possible if one does not converse freely with the locals or business counterparts.

You can see many advertised positions in the UK for candidates who speak French, Dutch, Mandarin and Spanish. Very often they employ candidates who would then travel to similar companies in various countries to get important deals.

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Leisure Time

What can you do in your leisure time? Studying languages is fascinating. It is a challenge which brings its rewards in the long run. In a relatively short period of time, you learn how to express yourself. Then gradually you start understanding those who live in an overseas country. You can watch non-dubbed foreign films, etc. Setting yourself aims and achieving results gives you the confidence you need. It is obvious that while travelling around the world, you can make friends easier if you know a couple of languages.

Suppose you would like to go to the cinema or theatre while on holiday? You will be disappointed if you fail to understand what was going on. Alongside doing sports or any other activity, you could easily allocate some time for learning. Many people nowadays spend a lot of time chatting on social media sites. You can make new friends if you know more languages.


Communication Problems During Holidays

Very often people find it difficult to express themselves while on holiday in a foreign country. It often happens in places where local residents cannot speak English. Sometimes it can be awkward or even frustrating if one does not understand the important information. For example, they do not realize that the time of the flight or train has been changed.

It may also be difficult to find tourist destinations and how to get there. Tourists will need to ask the residents for directions and sometimes it proves to be confusing. It is a fact that in many countries people speak English, but they do appreciate your effort to speak their language.

Holidays on the seaside

Mental health

Mental Health

According to many researchers, learning languages improves your mental health. If not preventing the illness, it certainly slows down the development of dementia. Making the brain work by remembering new words and grammar structures helps it stay active. By developing the appropriate skills you improve your analytical and logical thinking.

The benefits of making your brain active are obvious. By comparing grammar and vocabulary, you acquire a better knowledge of your own language. Because you do a lot of exercises, you train your memory. If you cannot remember a particular word or phrase to express yourself, try to find a similar one. In this way, you think creatively and get the skill of solving problems.

Reading a book

Reading Original Texts, Watching TV

What can be better than reading a newspaper, a book or watching TV programmes in the original? It is a fact that even the best translation is not the same as reading something in the original. Unfortunately, sometimes the translation is not adequate and merely renders the meaning. Reading as a source of information broadens your knowledge of cultural, political and economic events.

There are some idiomatic expressions that cannot be understood by translating their parts. You have to learn what they mean. Slang is also another thing which is very expressive but is not always easy to comprehend. There are some grammar structures that are unique to a particular language.

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