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TutorLogic aims to offer first-class tuition and IELTS exam preparation (Academic and General). Extensive support is also offered to those who are going to sit for Life Skills and UKVI assessments. Online training is delivered using recognised video chat software. It can be installed on any modern electronic device.

The IELTS tutor plans every lesson thoroughly. The tuition is based on differentiation and students' learning styles. All the materials are carefully chosen making sure learners have a lot of practice. Candidates who receive consistent training will be well-prepared for the exams.

The private tutor is a professional who has been teaching online for a long time. With a passion for teaching and a good sense of humour, the teacher believes that learning the language must be fun. For this reason, a relaxing working environment is created. This ensures that students are learning and improving their knowledge. Each online lesson is designed in such a way that learners make progress and can cope well with very challenging exams.

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Private Tutor's Diplomas and Certificates

  • BA (Hons) in Teaching Foreign Languages
  • Diploma (Level 5) in Teaching English Literacy
  • Certificate in Education (CertEd) - Greenwich University
  • DBS (CRB) checked - enhanced disclosure

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Who Will Benefit from These Exams

The International English Language Testing System accesses candidates' knowledge of the language. These exams are administered by:

There are different kinds of examinations:

  • General is for those who want to have access to colleges and universities in the UK or would like to seek some employment.
  • Academic is for professionals (lawyers, doctors, engineers, etc.) who would like to work in the UK.
  • Life Skills is for people who wish to obtain a residence permit in the UK. This certificate is necessary for Visa and Immigration (UKVI).

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Why You Need a Private IELTS Tutor

The scoring system in the General and Academic IELTS assessment is used to test candidates' confidence in English. One must get from 6.5 and higher to pass the 4 parts of the test. Students have to show that they can use appropriate vocabulary and grammar at this level not only in writing but in speaking as well. The lack of vocabulary prevents learners from understanding texts for reading and listening. This is because they come across words they do not know.

The online tutor's role is to help candidates to use better word collocations. It is also important to learn how to write essays using topical sentences and transitional phrases. The private tutor has extensive expertise in teaching IELTS online. This will help students to learn how to develop their ideas by creating a text comparing and contrasting different points of view.

The tutor will correct the mistakes made by the learners in their written assignments. It will be explained what is wrong and suggested the correct variants. At every IELTS lesson, both the teacher and the learner will discuss various topics. The aim is to develop essential speaking skills. Consistent and persistent work brings the best results. All the students who had taken our online lessons successfully passed their IELTS exams.

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There are various payment methods that we can offer. If you are in the UK, we can accept electronic transfers. For international students, please contact us to discuss the best available option that is suitable for you.

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