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Private French Tutor Online: Lessons and Exam Preparation in UK

TutorLogic provides online private French Lessons. Some students need to learn the language for work reasons. Others need to learn it to move to France or another francophone country or simply go on holiday. Learners are welcome to start their tuition at the beginner's level. Some of them may want to progress to an intermediate or advanced level. The classes are organised to suit everybody's individual needs and help them to progress in their studies.

Tutorials are also offered to prepare students for GCSE exams. Those who would like to progress further to A-Level (AS and A2), will receive a lot of practice thanks to skilfully prepared study materials. For international students, there is help with IGCSE assessments. Common Entrance Exam preparation is for children who would like to study at private educational establishments at the age of 13. Those who choose the French Studies Diploma path will get all the help needed to prepare for their DELF exam. Later they can continue tuition to move to the next level - DALF. Some candidates may choose to get French National Brevet Diploma (DNB). We follow the guidelines of the Council of Europe's Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

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IGCSE, GCSE, Common Entrance Exam


DNB (National Brevet Diploma)


DELF, CEFR - Levels: A1, A2, B1, B2


Beginner, Intermediate


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Tutor professional qualifications

Private Tutor Professional Qualifications

  • BA (Hons) in Teaching Foreign Languages
  • Diploma (Level 5) in Teaching English Literacy
  • Certificate in Education (CertEd) - Greenwich University
  • Freelance Journalism - Manchester Writers Bureau
  • DBS (CRB) checked - enhanced disclosure

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Advantages of Our Online French Lessons

Nowadays, a lot of students prefer to study online for various reasons. For example, it saves time and money as both they and the tutor do not have to travel. There is less chance of being late as there is no need to take public transport or drive, so there is no risk of being delayed because of traffic jams. Online French Lessons can be done from any location that you prefer, for example, your home, office or even from your garden. All you need is a suitable device to run video conferencing software and an Internet connection.

The fees that are displayed on this page are the only fees that you will pay. There are no hidden costs, referral fees, agency fees, commissions or any other surcharges for the actual lessons. Prices are fixed for the entire duration of your study.

Calais centre, France

Computer-based study

What is Required for Your Tuition

You will need a device connected to the Internet which is capable of running video conferencing software. You can use your existing desktop/laptop computer, tablet or even a smartphone. If you prefer to print out the study materials that are provided, you will also need a printer, but this is not compulsory.

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About Exam Preparation

GCSE and A-Level exams are carried out adhering to the Core Curriculum as guidance to what should be taught. There are various boards which have the authority to administer these examinations, such as Edexcel or AQA and OCR. There is a thorough preparation for DELF and DALF as well as DNB (French National Brevet Diploma) exams. During the lessons, authentic materials are used based on guidance from the Ministry of Education in France.

The only effective approach to teaching is a combination of grammar and vocabulary. This is taught through a considerable amount of exercises in various contexts. This enables candidates to learn successfully the language and use it in everyday situations. They can confidently demonstrate their speaking and written communication skills during the exam. The French Lessons Online are designed to suit students with different abilities. This ensures that learners will succeed regardless of their starting point. Those who learn the language for other reasons will acquire confidence in communicating with people.

Calais, France

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Tuition can be arranged for weekdays and weekends. Mornings, afternoons or evenings are subject to available times. Students are also welcome to study on Bank holidays or any other annual holidays by prior arrangement.

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