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During a long career, the tutor has successfully prepared many students for their GCSE French exams. The Department of Education supports formal assessments in foreign languages. This is why it is important to have relevant tuition in this subject. The online lessons are referenced to the Core Curriculum and Examination Specification. The private tutor always makes sure that the learners are progressing and achieving the set targets.

After successfully passing the GCSE exams, some choose to progress to the next level. We prepare our online lessons to help students build up their vocabulary and use correct grammar. We ensure successful GCSE French exam preparation and the highest score possible.

Before starting the actual lessons, an initial assessment is carried out. This is necessary to establish the level of knowledge that learners have. It helps to prepare adequate materials which are used in tutorials. At regular periods of time formative assessments are performed to ensure that progress is taking place. Besides many exercises, the teacher offers a lot of past exam papers. In this way, learners can experience the procedure and the structure of the real assessment. They also improve their knowledge of the language.

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About General Certificate of Secondary Education Exams in the UK

This is a linear test taken in Year 11 at the end of the course. The structure offered by various awarding bodies is practically the same. However, schools or colleges may choose different manuals and sometimes focus on different topics. The assessment itself consists of four parts that check the knowledge of different skills. The new grades are 1-5 (Foundation Tier) and 4-9 (Higher Tier), of which 9 is the highest mark.

The awarding bodies for the French GCSE exam in the UK are the following:

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What is Included in the French GCSE Exam

There are 4 sections in each exam: reading, writing, speaking and listening. For the listening part, students are offered a recording. After having listened to it, they have to answer questions which check their understanding of the taped text.

For the reading part, students are given a text with questions to check if they understand the main ideas. There may be multiple-choice questions, or they must write their answers.

In the writing part, students must create a short essay on a given topic and do a bilingual translation. For the speaking part, there are two assignments: a role play and the description of a photo card. Here they have to show their knowledge of vocabulary and grammar learnt.

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Online lessons

About our Online GCSE French Lessons

It is important to start your tuition as early as possible. This will give you enough time to prepare for the exams. Our dedicated tutor organizes online lessons which are in line with the exam requirements. Each class lasts 60 minutes. It consists of teaching vocabulary related to particular topics and grammar. These are practised in various formats to help develop speaking and writing skills. Although the atmosphere during online tuition is very relaxed, every lesson is quite intensive. Various exercises are given to students to develop their competence in using the language.

Our tuition will suit all students. Learners can work at their own pace. With regular training, they can achieve the best results in the assessments. Before they started our online tuition, they found it difficult and almost impossible to learn French. Making the lessons useful and enjoyable, made them change their minds. Students find our training very helpful and fun. Many of them continue studying the language after they have passed their GCSE exams.



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