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International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB French B) Lessons Online

We offer online lessons that will help you to prepare for the IB French B exam. We help candidates to master the language to obtain the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Our private tutor has many years of experience. Some UK colleges offer students to take this assessment instead of GCSE. Our online training course will help candidates pass this examination.

This assessment opens up great opportunities for admission to leading universities in the UK. It is also necessary for those wishing to continue their education at universities in other countries. The training programme at this level is equivalent to the upper secondary (DELF B2) as per CEFR requirements. The knowledge of French is important for economic, political and cultural cooperation worldwide.

You will need an Internet connection for this online course. A webcam and speakers are also required. Our private tutor uses various software packages, like Skype, Microsoft Teams and Zoom. These apps will be compatible with your existing desktop/laptop computer. Alternatively, you can use your mobile phone, tablet, etc.

IB French B exam preparation

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About Our Online Training Course for the IB French B Exam

Depending on your initial skills, you can take the exam first at the Standard Level (SL). After that, you can prepare for the Higher Level (HL). Our private classes offer all the help to prepare for level B SL and HL. Our online training programme gives candidates appropriate knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. This assessment is graded between 1 and 7. Our students successfully pass advanced examinations and receive the highest marks.

For candidates who choose SL, we offer an appropriate training course. This will make them understand and use the basic grammar and vocabulary structures. In this way, they will have a smooth transfer to the next level.

At HL students will learn how to read texts of various complexity. They will also write both formal and informal texts. Candidates will learn how to get information from listening texts and have a discussion with the examiner on various topics. At HL with our help, students will continue to develop their knowledge of the language by analysing two literary works. They will be expected to understand a more complex language and produce meaningful arguments.

An understanding of vocabulary and grammar is necessary. In this way your communication becomes meaningful. With this in mind, we will provide carefully selected exercises to achieve your goal. The knowledge gained in this way will help you successfully pass the exam in all aspects of the French language.

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What the International Baccalaureate French Exam Includes

The speaking aspect of the exam includes the discussion of various topics:

  • Lifestyle: sports and healthy eating
  • Personal experiences
  • Travelling to gain knowledge of other cultures
  • Scientific discoveries
  • Living in a society: norms of social behaviour
  • Protecting the environment

During the assessment, candidates must also discuss the political structure in French-speaking countries. This includes talking about the culture of these countries. You will receive all this information from the texts we have prepared. Materials for reading and listening are offered at every online lesson.

With our help, you will be able to use active vocabulary and complex grammatical structures.

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What are You Going to Learn on Our Online Course

To pass the written exam successfully, we offer many exercises on writing various texts of a formal and informal nature. We have developed many training materials in informal writing. They include emails, invitations to various events, postcards and letters. For formal writing, we prepared business letters, blogs, instructions, adverts, etc.

Many carefully chosen listening tasks will help you to understand the content. This will help to answer questions successfully. Based on the requirements, we will prepare you for the following tasks:

  • How to structure your answer and choose the appropriate grammar and vocabulary to talk about an extract from a book.
  • Share your opinion on the text.
  • Take part in a discussion.

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IB French B Exam Preparation Price

Private lessons - £25 per hour

Online lessons are done via apps like Microsoft Teams, Skype or Zoom.

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