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TutorLogic provides French, Russian and English as Foreign Language tuition online. We also prepare students for various exams. Your training is provided by a highly qualified tutor. Since graduating from the Linguistic University, the teacher has been working:

  • As a University and College Lecturer
  • Teaching modern foreign languages privately.

The tutor is involved in conducting research work and attending conferences and workshops. This results in improving continuous professional development and the quality of teaching. Audiovisual aids are also incorporated into the lessons. Some materials are carefully chosen and bought while travelling abroad. The tutor encourages the students to learn about the culture of the country while teaching the languages.

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Your Private Tutor

Graduation diploma

Private Teacher's Qualifications

  • BA (Hons) in Teaching Modern Foreign Languages (English, French and Russian)
  • Level 5 Subsidiary Diploma in Teaching English (Literacy) in the Lifelong Learning Sector
  • Certificate in Education (CertEd) - Greenwich University
  • Freelance Journalism (Manchester Writers Bureau)

Teacher and students during a lesson

Professional Teaching Experience

The personal tutor lived and worked in France, Russia and the UK for many years helping students to learn various languages. The teaching experience involves in-person and online lessons at universities, colleges and privately. Learners highly assess the experience they have with the dedicated teacher.

The lessons are well-structured, enjoyable and motivating. This ensures that high standards are maintained at all levels. With the substantial help offered, students improve their language skills and achieve the best results in the exams.

Some candidates continue learning languages after they passed their exams. They find it interesting and important to get to know the culture and history of different countries. The teacher shares her own experience having lived and worked abroad. Some learning materials are brought from overseas countries. This helps students to access authentic resources.

University classroom

Online training

The Way Tuition is Done Online

Our tutor possesses extensive subject knowledge to teach students at various levels. Lessons are devised taking into consideration differentiation. This means that learners with different starting points and abilities can progress to meet their targets. We create a friendly atmosphere where learners can feel comfortable having online lessons. We offer all the support they need and encourage them to participate actively in the sessions.

With a lot of various grammar and vocabulary exercises, candidates always gain the highest marks at exams. It is important for them to work consistently and follow the teacher's guidance. Besides studying compulsory materials for exams, students are given extra resources. This broadens their knowledge of what concerns the culture of the country of the chosen language.

Online lesson

What Is Taken into Consideration While Preparing for Online Lessons

Learners enjoy a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. All the lessons are tailor-made. It means that different learning styles are accounted for. The starting point at which they begin their tuition is taken into consideration.

The lessons are carefully prepared. They incorporate all the elements necessary to improve the learners' grammar and vocabulary. This applies to various contexts, both in speaking and writing. A challenging and fun learning environment is created which leads to progress.

Hopefully, those who are interested in mastering the language will choose TutorLogic to guarantee a high level of success.

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