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TutorLogic - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It is very important to understand how lessons are delivered. You must have clear ideas about what is expected of you, and the way the training works and prepares candidates for the exams. Make sure you follow the teacher's advice on how to improve your knowledge of the language and get the most from the classes. So, feel free to ask any questions before you start your tuition.

See below the answers to some questions that students ask.

If you have more questions that are not answered here, please contact: questions@tutorlogic.co.uk

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Tutor's Professional Qualifications, Experience and DBS Check

1. What professional qualifications does the tutor have?

  • BA (Hons) in Teaching Foreign Languages
  • Certificate in Education (CertEd)
  • Diploma (Level 5) in Teaching English Literacy

2. What is the tutor's work experience?

Over 30 years which includes teaching at Universities, Colleges and privately.

3. Are the lessons provided by a DBS/CRB-checked teacher?

Yes, the teacher is holding a DBS Certificate (Enhanced Disclosure). This is previously known as CRB.

Online tuition

Questions about Tuition

1. Is there any difference between online lessons and face-to-face ones?

There is practically no difference between in-person and online lessons. The layout and study materials are the same. According to students' feedback, they find online tuition more convenient and relaxing. There is extra flexibility in choosing a suitable time for their studies.

2. Can students get paper-based learning materials with exercises/texts?

At least 2 hours before each lesson students are sent some handouts as an email attachment. The papers can be viewed on-screen or printed out, if necessary. They can be sent earlier by prior arrangement.

3. Will I be asked to buy any additional materials?

All the necessary resources will be provided for you by the Tutor.

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Payment card

Payments and Cancellations

1. How much do I have to pay for my lessons?

There are no registration/introduction fees, additional charges or agency commissions. All you have to pay is the fee for the actual tutorial which is calculated per hour.

2. Will I have to pay for my tuition in advance?

Your payment should be cleared at least one hour before the actual lesson takes place. You can pay much earlier if you want.

3. What happens in case a student has to cancel or reschedule a lesson for a valid reason?

In case of cancellation, you should contact the tutor as early as possible. Ideally, it should be done at least 24 hours before the lesson is going to take place. If this is an emergency on the day, you can still cancel. But make sure it does not happen regularly. Reschedule the session for another day within the same week not to disrupt the consistency of the learning.

Computer and network hardware

Hardware and Software Requirements

1. What hardware/software do I need to have to study with TutorLogic online?

You will need any of the following: a Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet computer with an Internet connection. This device should be capable of running video chat software.

2. In what format do you normally send the study materials?

They are normally sent in PDF, JPEG or DOCX format.

3. Is printing out learning materials supplied by the tutor absolutely necessary?

You will need a printer only if you want to print out the handouts that you are provided with.

Laptop computer

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