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A-Level French (AS, A2) Exam Preparation Online

We provide complete online preparation for the A-Level (AS and A2) French exams. Given all the necessary help from a private tutor, the students can pass the assessments with high grades. We also provide online lessons to prepare for the A-Level Mock Exams.

The assessment can be challenging. The reason is that the requirements are much higher than in years 12 and 13. To succeed, it is advisable to use the help of a professional. The private tutor ensures a smooth transition by offering many useful exercises as per Core Curriculum. This assessment is composed of two parts: AS and A2 which are spread over two academic years. Each part consists of five modules covering various topics.

As a result of regular practice online, students are well prepared for A-level French Mock and Linear exams. Our private tuition covers all the aspects of the assessment requirements.

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Lessons online

About our Private A-Level French Lessons Online

At the beginning of an online course, specific targets are set to allow learners to cope with the assessment requirements. Those who decided to take an exam at a higher level in years 12 and 13 are going to find the materials even more interesting. These will include discussions on political, social and economic issues worldwide. They will also do some research for a presentation on a particular topic. They have to demonstrate better knowledge in both writing and speaking.

The A-Level French tutor devises many useful exercises to help students with the book they are reading. This includes analysing the content, lexicology and stylistics of the book and film of their choice. They learn how to identify the main ideas and express their points of view. During the lessons, a lot of introductory phrases, linking words and word combinations are discussed. This helps to give opinions, agree or disagree with the given statement, etc. The learners use a certain algorithm how to write a creative text. In this way, the learners are ready to show better subject knowledge at the assessments.

At this assessment, students have to read and comment on an authentic book and film that they watched. They must also prepare a presentation on a particular topic of an economic, social or political character. In the writing exam, they must analyse an extract from an original text and express their opinion. The online tutor guides the candidates through the preparation of their presentations on a chosen subject.

A-Level AS assessment

About AS French Assessment in the UK

AS French examination deals with mass media, such as television, technology and the role of advertisements. Some topics, like cinema, music, sport, health, holidays and family are studied at a more advanced level.

With the help of a dedicated private tutor, at every lesson learners practise:

  • Speaking that may include the description of a photo card, group discussions, presentations, etc.
  • Listening that involves answering some questions after the recorded text.
  • Reading.

Writing assignments involve composing essays using formal or informal styles. The A-Level French tutor suggests the best possible expressions to answer all the questions in speaking or writing. All the writing work is thoroughly checked and marked during the online lessons. This will prepare students for their AS French exam.

Reading may be in various formats and the answers may be such as:

  • Finish a sentence using some information from the text
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Filling in gaps with given words
  • Answering a question, etc.
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A-Level A2 exam

About the A2 French Exam

A2 Exam covers the environment, immigration, multiculturalism, politics, law and order.


Task 1 - discussion. Students discuss a topic given on a stimulus card with two different statements. They have to analyse the statements and express their point of view. They must be ready to answer extra questions suggested by the examiner.

Task 2 - independent research presentation. A list of topics for presentation is offered. After having chosen the subject that interests them, they start preparing the presentation. A-Level French tutor corrects written texts and offers better vocabulary and grammar. Students practise a lot of discussions, presenting their points of view.


A recorded text is offered as a listening exercise. They must answer questions or insert missing words into a text which is given on their answer sheet. Sometimes they have to listen to a dialogue between two or more people and write answers in full sentences. The texts may refer not only to France but other francophone countries.


Task 1 - Expressing an opinion on a piece of literary work or a film by thoroughly analysing the style of the text, the characters, events, etc.

Task 2 - A bilingual translation of the text. Attention must be drawn to tenses, punctuation and specific vocabulary.


Answering questions on a variety of texts both historical and literary to understand the main ideas. Expressing an opinion on the statements taken from the texts. The assessment criteria are very strict. The A-Level tutor prepares students for clear meaningful responses. It is obvious that the learners will need more help to be able to cope with all these assignments. With logically devised lesson plans, A-Level exam preparation becomes successful.


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